Magazzino Materia Prima

Output capacity

Italfim has 100,000 square meters of covered area and employs machines of its own design and construction. The company is able to guarantee production flexibility for small and large lots. An in-house laboratory ensures that you meet the most stringent requirements. Expanded metal mesh are available ready for immediate deliveries. Italfim staff can also partner with the engineering offices of companies to engineer finished component and finished products in expanded metal.

Machinery park

Over 170 expanding machines are the productive force of Italfim. The machines are all produced internally to the company and are subjected to a very careful scheduled maintenance that keeps them efficient even from the point of view of the quality of the expanding process. In fact, the maintenance of the "dies", the heart of the expanding process, makes it possible to obtain net cutting and therefore quality expanded metal mesh, without any "bave" processing. The production units are also equipped with another 200 machine tools for cutting, welding, printing and bending the expanded metal sheet. On the page "Industrial Processing" and "Architectural Processing" some examples of the treatments performed.

Warehouse of raw materials

3,000 tons of raw material in stock. 8,000 tons of raw material processed every year. The availability of such a large stock is an investment that allows you to purchase orders with limited delivery times. not compatible with the lead times that may be required for the acquisition of the raw material.

Production at stock

Thanks to ready availability in both reels and commercial sheets, expanded metal deliveries can be very quick and no charges are charged for machine assembly. The SICURA mesh is always available in various commercial formats. Different models of the STILTECH line for architecture are also available directly from the stock, which is a practical solution for the entire construction and protection sector.

Production on customer order

Whether it's small batches, whether it's a lot of batches, manufacturing departments are able to track the progress of the cycle order after cycle. An efficient production planning system allows for timely management of all the tasks related to the execution of the customer order.

Logistics organization

A high mix of products with about 20,000 items each other is handled every year by internal logistics. In 2016 over 10,000 shipments to approximately 2,000 active customers were carried out.

Customers all over the world

Italfim with its references is present in over 100 countries both for industrial production and for architectural design. They work with Italfim's prestigious clients, world-class designers, as well as small-sized companies that provide the same scrupulous and professional assistance.