Expanded metal range

The broader the expanded metal range, the easier it is to choose the right product. L HOLDING is Europe's greatest specialist in expanded metal, offering up to 30,000 different variants, with mesh apertures that range from 0.50 mm to 400 mm (and more!) and anything up to 6 mm in thickness. Fils and Italfim use theirs manufacturing know-how for the benefit of design engineers, metalworkers and industry.

Expanded metal micromesh

The range of Italfim expanded metal starts from 50 microns. It means that the smaller mesh has an inscribed hole of 50 microns, and is able to intercept the particles of 0.1 mm in diameter. The larger Italfim expanded metal meshes can reach up to 100 mm. See the expanded metal: R100 in the section of the diamond expanded metal and the COUNTRY and URBAN types of the Stiltech line. With the Lines of expanded metal for the architecture of Fils, you get to a 800 mm module, unique in Europe.

Round expanded metal pattern

The expanded metal round mesh with 'round' pattern, can replace perforated metal with more competitive costs. In the production of expanded metal, no loss of raw material occurs, as is the case with perforated plates. For those who are used to perforated plates, we have prepared comparative samples to choose the round expanded metal mesh that is more similar to the perforated one that is usually used.

Stiltech Line

Italfim is historically present in the architecture sector with false ceilings in expanded metal. For several years it has developed a more complete range of expanded metal mesh for the architecture used not only for false ceilings but also for facades, parapets, fences, fittings and protections. In the 'Mesh for Architecture' page: the Stiltech range and the "Collection" range, a line of decorative material suitable for aesthetic and decorative coverings.

"tailor-made" expanded metal

Thanks to the deep knowledge of expanded metal processing technology Italfim realizes, on customer request, "tailor-made" expanded metal mesh. To analyze specific needs, you can contact our experts.