Tailored solutions

Customers benefit from Italfim know-how, resulting in unique, original solutions for their projects. We pay special attention to practicality and functionality. Tailored products means engineered dimensions, resulting in less waste and so lower costs.

Finishes extend the life of the mesh and so responsible companies must consider these carefully.


Creativity and flexibility

Production is flexible to guarantee freedom of "creative composition". The design of any cladding must also take into account any special needs, such as the intended use of a product and any construction constraints dictated by the working drawings. It is not always to use standard horizontal or vertical "modules" every time. Extra products may be needed to finish off the edges. Specially shaped elements may also be required. Curved or folded elements may be needed, as might triangles or polygons, even if this means designing them individually. Thanks to the special nature of expanded mesh, its technology and expert tooling, Fils offers a sure guarantee for both small and large products.


The ability to offer tailored products is one of Italfim’ strong points. Our production departments can produce architectural products with customised dimensions, shapes, finishes and fixing systems. This makes life easier for architects and designers, as well as optimising the costs.


See the applications section of our website, our publications for architecture and our archiexplorer portal to find hundreds of past projects, each with its own original character.


Use with other materials

Expanded mesh can easily be combined with other materials. Glass, wrought iron, stone and other glossy or matt solid surfaces. From the concept to the design. Italfim helps you achieve the look and functions you want. Total co-operation. We often architects, engineers and designers to come and see our production processes for themselves. A great way to understand how we can optimise results and costs, and come up with solutions that make installation that much easier.