Advice on projects

Italfim works alongside the professionals, providing advice on the best solutions at the design stage. First you have to choose the type of expanded mesh, the installation system and the colour/protective finishes. Expanded mesh sheet can be transparent, while at the same time providing shade. It can enhance or mask a surface. The broad assortment of expanded mesh means Fils can always meet your design needs.

Joining the panels

Surfaces are clad by joining panels of expanded mesh using your chosen method.

The borders can be either visible or invisible.

Panels can be aligned or staggered, even arranged like bricks.


Choosing the expanded mesh

Aesthetic rendering

Your choice of expanded mesh and colour greatly influence the visual impact.

Non-standard colour finishes can be applied to order. Anodising and painting satisfy various needs.

Fixing and substructures

We can provide suggestions regarding the fixing of our mesh and the need for any substructures. This may involve our qualified partners with special expertise in cladding.

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