Filtering elements

Here are just a few examples of the filters Italfim has developed for various industrial applications. Expanded mesh never “runs” and its structure remains compact and stable over time. Its geometrical and dimensional properties are never altered by detachment, as happens with braided strand or fabric mesh.

Air filters

Clean air. In painting systems, impurities must be removed from the smoke leaving the stacks by forcing this to pass through filtering layers, including some featuring Italfim expanded mesh. Thanks to filters fitted in motor vehicles, the air we breathe is free of pollutants; expanded mesh is used to support the internal filtering layers. In industrial applications that use compressed air, the air must be kept free of those particles that might compromise process operation.

Italfim expanded mesh

Filter tubes

Clean water. Expanded mesh is indispensable when it comes to treating such a precious resource as water. Waste or process waters must be treated using different steps that mechanically separate any pollutants by trapping these in suitable expanded mesh grills. The moving organs submerged in the liquids, such as the pumps and other rotating devices, are also protected by filters expressly developed for their intended use.

Process liquid treatment. High-quality materials must be used to build the liquid filters used in fluid dynamic and hydraulic systems. These must be fit for purpose and configured to withstand the pressures of the liquids being treated and high temperatures.


Industrial processing

Filter panels

Components used for air cleaning and conditioning applications. The availability of a virtually unlimited range of expanded mesh and the availability of various types of equipment and processes mean Italfim can create every type of filter that may be required.


Layered filtering elements

By layering expanded mesh filtering elements, which can also be rotated, filtering elements can be produced with custom properties to guarantee the performance required by the technical design. Filtering “cushions” can also be created thanks to the application of a C-shaped edge that makes them modular and easily removable for maintenance.


Microreti configurabili e lavorabili su disegno del cliente.

Active carbon filter

Active carbon container in expanded metal. To remove odours and air impurities.