Expanded metal

Industry and Architecture. Advantages for both sectors: the standard production of expanded metal has been divided by mesh geometry. See the tables with the technical characteristics of the various models. The expanded metal mesh can be used to create filtration or protection devices for different applications in the industrial sectors; for this reason it is essential to rely on a range of metal mesh with geometric features of mesh opening ranging from extremely small sizes (such as the micro-mesh) to larger sizes such as the "SICURA net" certified for the protection of moving gates.


The expanded metal mesh is also suitable for cladding of metal façades: the Italfim references are related to prestigious projects but also to small surfaces. We invite you to navigate the section dedicated to architecture. Façades, False ceilings, Protection, Fittings and various other applications. Consult our experts for suggestions. We can assist you in the choice of expanded metal sheet that best suits your needs. Our production departments can carry out various processes and transformations of expanded metal sheets thanks to innovative technologies.