Two spacious showrooms are at your disposal. The one dedicated to industrial production features examples of filters, filter panels and components for various sectors, available in different sizes and materials. Large panels illustrating a vast range of mesh for architecture are hung in the Architecture showroom. You can inspect the transparency, the shading effects and the textures of the mesh from up close or from various points of view and distances.

Please use the contact form to request a visit, specifying which area you are most interested in: “industry” or “architecture”.

Industry Showroom

A visit to the Industry Showroom lets you inspect for yourself all the different types of mesh and processing that the Italfim productive departments can provide for many different prototypes, whether these be for filtering elements, baskets or other products developed to client design.

Showroom industrial solutions

Architecture Showroom

Large panels let you assess the true impact and so make an informed decision as to the type of mesh to use. The various effects can be viewed in our showroom: transparency, the aperture of the mesh close-up and from a distance, brightness, light reflection and 3D effects. You can also meet with other professionals in our showroom during training courses held here and recognised by the Italian association of architects.