Italfim has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 for over 10 years. Quality is perceived by the entire organisation as the best way to increase customer satisfaction and stimulate even greater work efficiency. Correct and coherent definition of all processes simplifies coordination between production and customer support departments.

Certified since 1995

Aware of the importance of quality, Italfim welcomes and encourages suggestions and supports all efforts leading to continual improvements to ensure total quality. Each human resource works constructively as part of the overall organisation and in accordance with the virtuous processes established by its ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System, first introduced in 1995 (download our Certification).


The customer first and foremost

Scoring high with customers through close collaboration. Customer needs are the top priority for our entire organisation. We listen. Together with the client we analyse the technical features required of expanded mesh applications and offer suggestions. The search for the best solution drives us to optimise our proposals while continuously enriching our experience. The results and success of our clients achieve increase our own success and results as well.


Costumer satisfaction

Quality vendors

All our raw materials suppliers are subject to constant qualification, with monitoring of their special processes and finishes. As a result, Italfim is an international leader in the field of expanded mesh.

Supplier qualification

In-house processes

The construction and upkeep of our production machinery and equipment are key to our success and so are performed 100% in-house. This ensures that our entire production process is easily adaptable, for strategic flexibility throughout the company. Italfim has streamlined, transparent operational structures, all imbued by a work culture that analyses any errors, promptly deals with these and takes every measure to avoid further problems.

Own construction machinery

Lab tests

Our in-house laboratory analyses the composition of the raw materials and runs dimensional checks on mesh to ensure all tolerance values are respected. Saline mist tests to assess performance over time (artificial ageing) can also be conducted. Our staff is happy to provide any detailed reports that may be required, drawing on its knowledge of a vast range of uses and technical characteristics.


Checks on production

Product reliability is guaranteed by statistical defect controls, ensuring constant monitoring of quality and leading to improvements in our processes.

Accident prevention

Accident prevention and safety

Italfim constantly pays special attention to safety issues, adopting precise cutting-edge technology and means to meet accident prevention requirements and to minimise the environmental impact of its products. All staff are made aware of the correct conduct expected of them thanks to regular training and bulletins.