The Group

The Longhi Group, set up in 1948, is a world-renowned brand, internationally recognised as standing for top quality expanded mesh.

L HOLDING. Soundness and dependability

Fils and Italfim belong to the L HOLDING Group: a well-established concern that focuses on innovation, automation and rationalised production and logistics.

Vista aerea stabilimenti produttivi

L HOLDING. Investments and synergy

Efficiency and innovation are fuelled by investment. Synergy is generated through collaboration and the capitalization of Fils and Italfim know-how.

Production expanded metal

L HOLDING. An integrated service

All Group companies have an integrated sales network for simplified processing of customer requirements and effective shared know-how.


Fils and Italfim Service

A 50 micron to 400 mm range.

The world’s widest range is incomparable, from Italfim 500 micron micromesh to Fils 400 mm ULTRA LIMITES mesh. Thanks to group co-ordination, Italfim and Fils benefit from extra efficiency through synergy: they share their technological know-how, their product ranges complement each other, as do their solutions and services. You won’t find a better offer on the market.

Mesh range L HOLDING

L HOLDING. Sustainability

Clean energy

70% of the energy required for production comes from photovoltaic systems.

Pollution-free process

“Expanding” is a cold-pressing process that does not require the use of pollutants.

Zero-scrap processing

Expanded mesh is produced without creating scrap, thus optimising the use of raw materials.


At the end of its long working life, expanded mesh is subjected to differentiated waste collection for 100% recycling.

Sistema fotovoltaico L HOLDING