About us

Italfim stands out from all the other producers thanks to the quality of its products and its unsurpassed range of semi-finished products in expanded mesh that meet your every need for industrial componentry, filtration and separation. Italfim has also been producing expanded mesh for architectural purposes for several decades. Innovative developments have allowed Italfim to create the mesh used for the facing of the Golden Vault in the Islamic Arts Department at the Louvre in Paris.

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Industrial filtration needs are many in number and differ widely, not one is the same as another. Thanks to the great, ever-present experience of its human resources, Italfim can meet its clients’ every need by offering high flexibility in terms of volume and a choice of material and type of mesh.

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Output capacity. The raw materials warehouse

One key factor behind Italfim’s success is its raw materials warehouse. High stock levels ensure that client companies get the material they need to fill urgent orders and win new customers. This service is made possible by substantial customer service investments.


Italfim and Fils are part of the L HOLDING Group, boasting the Longhi Group brand. This well-established concern focuses on innovation, automation and rationalised production and logistics.

L HOLDING Gruppo Longhi

Corporate responsibility

All our products are carefully made to meet current specific laws and regulations regarding accident prevention and safety. All production personnel are fully protected by European Union work safety laws.

Sustainability and eco-compatibility of materials

Italfim has a truly 'green' policy that goes beyond mere intentions and declarations: its production processes and the materials it uses all have a low environmental impact. As part of the L HOLDING Group, it abides by strict policies on energy saving and respect for the environment. Respect for the environment means looking to the future.

100% Made in Italy

All Italfim finished and semi-finished products are made exclusively in Italy.